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Historical Collection

While the historical collection part of the chapter for this week was interesting I think with the scope of my topic being so recent these methods won’t be as advantageous for me as they would in other research topics.  The method that really stuck out to this time was the mixed method approach. I feel using the mixed approach of observation and Interviewing would be a great way to get a hands on feel for my research question. Interviewing can give false results however with observation I feel I can get a better sense of the actions and what really goes on in digitalization and digital preservation to determine if the organization or person does understand the two concepts or if the persons understanding is false. I think using both of these methods would be an interesting tactic to employ. 


Moving along to the research process part of my proposal. I have drafted both my introduction and literature review.  I feel that there is not much literature or that not much research has been done on my topic and that would give me cause to do the actual research i.e. the data collection. I found it to be somewhat odd at first that there is not much literature on the subject. However, I am aware that there are some places that do not even have analog preservation plans so it is somewhat understanding to assume that these organizations then would not have a preservation plan or understanding of digital preservation. I think that it would alos be interesting to look at what organization do not have preservation plans but digitize there materials which is somewhat within the scope of my research question but I was unable to find any type of literature in that sense. The literature that I have found does help but some of the topics are out of the range of the topic and do not pertain specifically to the topic itself. A blog that was done by the Library of Congress however does give some information as to why this is a somewhat common occurrence which is helpful in supporting the research. 


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  1. Paul Solomon said:

    I suppose that it is possible that preservation plans exist but are not made public/advertised. ??

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