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Alas this week in the reading I found another research strategy that I would love to administer!  This tactic would involve observation.  I find observation to be quite fascinating in itself.  The hardest part I would have to say is in doing informal observation which would be my preferred method would be making sure the participants don’t figure the observation out. If I were to conduct this type of research I would first send out an electronic survey asking questions such as:

1. Is there a difference between digitalization and digital preservation? (Y/N)

2. What is your preservation method that you take in digitizing materials?

Scanning ect… (more options)

3. If your institution does not preserve digital materials what is the reason?(comment box)

a few other sort of trick questions would be asked to determine on my end if they really do understand and know the difference as well as information such as affiliation, job postion ect…

I would then Like to go and visit the organization after analyzing the responses ensuring that I have a variety of organizations that proved in fact they do administer preservation, some that it seems unsure if they do and some that do not.  I would also if it seemed beneficial to the research conduct an interview after the observations to  understand more of what I witnessed.  This however, would mostly likely i would have to admit about the observing.


Comments on: "Observation" (1)

  1. Paul Solomon said:

    Presuming the settings of interest to you are open to the public, I don’t think that it would be unreasonable to say during the follow up interview that you had a chance to look around and wanted to ask some question in follow up both to your survey and your view of X.

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