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Gathering Information

As I have been reading other texts and articles for class I have been bookmarking pages or highlighting paragraphs but I had yet to do any of the real research. My favorite thing to do when an article or book is to look at the related citations and see if there are any that relate to what I need. Yesterday I started to do some research I started by going to the library website and while looking at countless articles that had little or nothing to do with what I was truly in need of  I stumbled across an article that seemed like it would have some merit to my topic. I click the article and it gives me a link to go to the full page.  The full page of course just takes me to the place I can purchase it from. I click on the link for the institution and it will only give me the abstract. So being the smart little researcher that I have become I went to TDnet where we have our journal subscriptions at and found the journal online. Went to the volume and number and there it is. I save and print it and then I noticed the title above it seemed relavent I opened and saved the file and did my lovely command f search for words close to my topic and read the sentence and found that this article was good too. I started thinking that I wonder if there are any more so I went and looked at each article title for the past 5 years and found a bunch of great stuff. I went through some more resources through the library site and then decided to do a google search and see what I find. I did several different but related search terms during these searches. I ended up finding some great professional blogs about what I was looking at and a few surveys that had to do with my subject. While I may still do some more research I am certainly glad that I have buckled down and have a good amount of the research itself done!


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