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Research Purposes

This past week I had sometime to reflect on my research statement and figure my statement and research proposal introduction. I have begun my drafts and am working on researching the topic in order to get some facts and figures for my question.  In my discussion post for last week I commented on evaluation.  I feel that evaluation is an intrical part of the research process. While I will not be conducting the actual research and writing the research paper I do plan on having a part for evaluation put into my proposal. The other main theme of the chapter was evidence-based and research-based practice. While I would love to have the time to actually go out and conduct the research for my question myself and conduct the research I do not feel that I would be able to conduct mass research on the topic in the timeframe of this semester. Therefore, because of the time constraint I will be relying on my research to be mostly evidence based research. While I will rely on other researchers result they are not my own and not from my own conclusion which makes my process take the evidence based practice route. Hopefully I will be able to find some good research result in the literature.


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  1. Paul Solomon said:

    Part of the idea is to rely on the work of others to help you shape your own data collection and analysis plan.

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