A Blog on the Progress of my Research Project

Collecting Data

As I stated in my discussion post for this week my favorite part of research is surveys and questionnaires.  As I posted earlier I would love to conduct my own research, but due to time restraints I am unable to do this. If I had the time to do this type of research I would plan on using an internet questionnaire probably survey monkey. I will do a write up of a proposed survey that I will do for my proposal but it will not actually be administered. My plan would involve coming up with some questions do a few pre-tests and editing.  I would then send the survey out museums, libraries, archives and other informational professional organizations and invite them to take the survey.  I would do random sampling and use listings from ALA SAA and other organizations that could provide me with e-mail address for organizations. I would send a large number of e-mails to take in to account non respondents.  However it has been my experience that as a university student most people that are contacted are more than willing to help out especially if it is something small like about 10 or so questions. Perhaps at some point I will actually get to do the real research, but for the time being I will be working on a proposed survey process to include in my research proposal as to how I will collect data on my topic.


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