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Research Design

Now that I have a understanding of fixed, flexible, and multi-strategy designs I feel it is safe to say that I will be using a flexible design. I am still think I will be using ground theory as I have stated previously as my strategy. I will be creating a draft later in the week of my research question. I have been skimming some research that I will likely be using for my literature review and I think by  reading these materials closer and looking at both sides of the question I am posing that I will be able to come up with a good draft for my statement. While I have a pretty good idea of what I would like my statement to say I would like to supplement my statement with research and to make sure I am on the same track and that I don’t end up going a different route with my question after reading some of the literature. I feel it will be much more valuable this way than to rethink my position and have to redraft a new statement if I sway from my original thoughts.


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  1. Paul Solomon said:

    Sounds good; nevertheless it is ok if you decide to change your research statement at some future point in time.

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