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General Design

I realize I have been gone from my blog for a while now, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about my posts.  Since it has been a while I am going to combine my thoughts from Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 into one posting since they both offered a lot of good information.

Starting with Chapter 4 right away I was intrigued by the general design that my research question would take.  Under the idea of purpose I felt my question is to explain and understand something.  Going into my research design strategy I feel that a multi-strategy design would fit for my question using both fixed and flexible design.  I also determined that I think my question is an evaluation because I am interested in all the outcomes as to the difference between digitization and digital preservation and why some people one do not know the diference and two why people tend to use the terms interchangeably.  The research strategy that I feel I will use is grounded theory I want to understand and explain why people do not know the difference in my question.  Granted, I do recognize that there are many people that do know the difference.

Chapter 5 gave a lot of great information about fixed design, but I feel that my quest falls more under the flexible that fixed although the chapter offered a lot of great insights and if I chose to use a multi strategy I may look back into the chapter at my notes on these designs.  The major issue that I arrose at in the chapter in relation to my question is bias I want to understand and explain why people don’t know the diference between the two terms and what the diference is with this I have to be mindful of not having bias towards those that don’t know the diference along with those that do know and how they came about learning between the two terms.


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  1. Paul Solomon said:

    Nice use and takeaways from chapters 4 & 5.

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