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Well I have decided on my research topic at first I thought I had a few days ago while listening to a lecture from one of my other courses, but in that same course I have an assignment to write a research paper as well as a proposal, lit. review and the like and I decided I wanted to develop that topic more throughly so I would use that topic for the research paper since it of such high intrest to me. So with that I was brought back to the drawing board of what my research topic would be I intended on looking into it more throughly when I started my school work.

So this morning unlike a typical morning where I would wake up at the crack of dawn and head to work, I have taken some time off from work to be with my brother and his family. The other day I was feeling very behind due to having to attend to his three children’s needs and whims. I’m not sure how mothers with young children can go back to school so I have a new found respect to those of you who are doing just that. However I’m more used to being on my own and only having to fend for myself coming up to Northern PA I was sent into the throws of the kids daily life now. Mentioning my stress about feeling behind in school my brothers in-laws whom conveniently live three blocks away offered to take them off my hands for the weekend to give me time to catch up.

So I got up made some tea and started to go over some e-mail’s and blogs that I follow on the subject of my career aspirations. As I’m going through these sites I landed on one of my favorite archivists and bloggers websites ArchivesNext (incase you don’t know it heres the link http://www.archivesnext.com/). As I was reading a post started by the OverlyHonestArchivist about cheeky tweets that were sent about the profession I cam across one that reminded me of my undergraduate studies. My career aspirations include working in the preservation/archival field if you hadn’t already figured that out! I came across one that reference people not understanding the difference between digitalization and digital preservation. This brought me to my undergraduate years because in doing a presentation on preservation in which I mentioned digital preservation I was asked wasn’t digitalization and digital preservation the same. My simple short answer was no they are not. But I did not have the time to go into detail.

When I saw this mention of digitalization vs. digital preservation it clicked. Thats what I want to do my research proposal on. What is the difference between digitalization and digital preservation? and Do information professions (librarians, archivists, digital staffers) know the difference. Or as in my experience do most information professionals use the terms digitalization and digital preservation interchangeably?


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  1. Paul Solomon said:

    Nice to see that you have an angle of interest to you for the proposal. This is likely to evolve and that is ok.

    Take care

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